• Add an eligible item to the shopping cart.
  • On the Select a payment method page or on the Place Your Order page of the order form, enter the promotion code in the Gift Cards and Promotional Codes section exactly as specified. Select Apply. Don’t add spaces before, inside of, or after the promotion code.
  • Proceed to check out. Verify that the promotion code was applied successfully by viewing the price on the final checkout page before placing your order. If, for some reason, you don’t place an order at that time, the promotion remains on your account until it’s used or expires.
  • “This code cannot be applied to your purchase” if you see this error message when applying a code at checkout, that means that you either have the wrong item, or the seller has removed that item from the code.
  • “The promotional code you entered is not valid” – this means that the promo code is no longer working
  •  “The promotional code you entered has expired” – this means that the code has expired
PROMO CODES – Promo codes are codes that can be used to decrease the price of an item. 
  • ONE TIME USE CODE – this kind of code is long and usually has 3 dashes within the code. It can only be used 1 time and then is no longer valid
  • MULTI-USE PROMO CODE – the multi-use promo code is a shorter code that can be used usually once per person per account so either you will have to have multiple accounts or use your friends and family’s accounts if you want to get more than one of the item. Sometimes, multi-use codes can be used again and again. We will usually give you a heads up if this is the case.

When you open a link and it says “clip coupon on page” this means that there is a coupon (located underneath the Amazon price) that you need to “clip”. To do this, on a computer, use your mouse to CLICK the green box to “clip” the coupon. On your phone, you can “tap” the box and it will “clip” the coupon. Once you see the blank box turn to green with a checkmark in it, this lets you know the coupon has been clipped and you can now add the item to your cart.

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